Timothy Program

The Timothy Program is one of the most special opportunities we offer students in K5 through 12th grade at NCCS. In alignment with our heartfelt commitment to developing the whole student — mind, body and spirit — NCCS launched the Timothy Program in 2013 as a means of pairing older student volunteers with younger students for mentoring, encouragement, tutoring, and all-around support. Just as “iron sharpens iron,” our students have this opportunity to sharpen and grow from each other.

This program prayerfully pairs Upper School students with Lower and Middle School students to meet together regularly throughout the school year, for 30-plus hours, with the goal of supporting and nurturing each other. The pairs are revealed in a special breakfast at the beginning of the year, where meaningful conversations begin.

Every year, God does something really special across our school through this program, and it’s a beautiful cycle to see unfold.


Emily Siller
Upper School Counselor

“My Timothy mentor has been with me for three years. It’s like having an extra older sibling at school looking out for you.” NCCS Student