Live Like Walker Fund

Walker Phillips was a star quarterback with Cartersville Youth Football League.


This fund has been set up by the Phillips family in honor of Walker.

These funds will be specifically designated for a future project decided upon by the Phillips family in Walker's honor. 

Honoring Walker Phillips

Live Like Walker! That’s the anthem of our NCCS 4th graders, who unanimously voted to paint the NCCS rock with this phrase to honor their beloved friend. Walker's impact is being deeply felt, grieved, and celebrated.

Walker's teachers put it best: 
Mrs. Bare, his 4th grade teacher, said: “Walker Phillips: to know him was to love him. Whether it was in the classroom or playing football at recess, he was a friend to all, an encourager, and a humble leader amongst his peers. He was a phenomenal athlete, but remarkably, he always made sure that everyone was included. He was simply a great role model. Our class recently voted Walker as the student who best demonstrates ‘joy,’ and he prayed often for others to know the same joy in Christ that he knew. To say he will be missed is an understatement, but his influence and impact in the lives of his classmates will live on. Walker Phillips will always hold a special place in my heart and in the hearts of the Class of 2030.”

Coach Greg Matta said: “There are not enough amazing words to describe Walker Phillips. He touched so many people in his short 10 years here on earth. Walker was an extremely talented athlete who was full of natural abilities. He was a coach’s dream. He could play any sport -- football, baseball, basketball, you name it. I was so looking forward to coaching Walker this upcoming football season when he would have been in 5th grade. He likely would have been our team’s quarterback. He not only had athletic talents, but he had a love for sports. I don’t know if I ever saw Walker outside the school day without a ball in his hands!! Just last week, I was telling the head varsity football coach at NCCS to keep an eye on Walker because he is pound for pound the best athlete in the school. He had that special spark that you can just see as a coach. Even at age 10, you could see it. Honestly, I could see it at age 6 or 7; he was that special kind of athlete, just a really special kid. I will never ever forget Walker Phillips, and his legacy will live on in me forever.” 

Students sign Walker's rock in his honor.
NCCS Class of 2030 gathers at Walker's rock