Campus Safety

Best-In-Class School Security

North Cobb Christian School is immensely proud to be the first school in the nation to earn Guardian SafeSchool® certification.

To achieve this designation, NCCS worked with Critical Intervention Services (CIS) to develop and implement a comprehensive security program model for protecting students against violence.

The Guardian SafeSchool Program® requires a best-practice approach to managing safety and security in schools, while reinforcing a positive, collaborative school climate and culture. The philosophy behind the design of the program is a holistic and multi-layered strategy that reduces risk by preventing acts of violence and mitigating the potential impact of events through effective preparation and response.

The uniquely integrated and comprehensive nature of the program has garnered national recognition, as well as being peer reviewed by the prestigious John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City as a model for national best practices.

NCCS School Safety Officer walks a child to carline.

When I pull away from NCCS each morning after dropping off my son, I am at peace. I know he's in the right place, and that the people I'm entrusting to care for him are doing everything in their power to keep him safe. As a mom, that means everything.

NCCS Parent

Our NCCS Security Team

NCCS Security Team in front of main entrance gate.

Meet Our Security Team.For most parents, the most visible element of our security initiative is our NCCS security team. This team has undergone extensive training to ensure that their presence affirms our positive school culture.

Duties include managing day-to-day campus-wide security initiatives, access control, visitor management, health safety, employee and student safety training, weather advisory protocol and more.

The NCCS Approach to Campus Safety

A Balanced Approach.

NCCS focuses on a balanced approach to security, crisis management, and intervention that honors the positive, familial school culture that is the trademark of student life at NCCS. 

There is an emphasis on prevention and preparedness, encouraging everyone within the NCCS community to "see something, say something."

This approach is supported by a solid internal communications system and a positive relationship with local law enforcement. The primary interest of our security team is the safety of our students, staff and faculty, in order to promote a healthy, nurturing and secure campus.

Two students read a book together on a bench in front of a window.


Amanda Sparacio | Director of Security | NCCS Security Team | See Something? Say Something!