Unity + Diversity

Why Does Diversity Matter at NCCS?

"After this I looked, and behold, a great multitude that no one could number, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, clothed in white robes, with palm branches in their hands..."  

Revelations 7:9

The NCCS Vision for Unity + Diversity

The purpose of the NCCS unity and diversity effort is to support the mission of the school, intentionally reflecting the biblical mandate to love our neighbor as we love ourselves, celebrating diversity and fostering a culture of hospitality and belonging.

We strive to deepen our understanding, respect and love for others, while assessing and improving our programs and experiences, resulting in a beautifully diverse, biblically grounded community that is unified, enriched and unhindered as we impact the world for Christ.  

A group of Upper School students prays together at North Cobb Christian School.

Our Beautifully Diverse NCCS Family

The NCCS Unity + Diversity Council

The Unity + Diversity Council at North Cobb Christian School does the important and critical work of ensuring that our school reflects God's gift of diversity for the world. As a school, we recognize that our community is much stronger as we embrace the richness found in the diversity of traditions, race, ethnicity, culture, heritage, experience and background of each individual.

The council is comprised of parents, faculty, staff, leadership, and board members. During regularly scheduled meetings, the council and subcommittees work through specific diversity goals and initiatives for our campus. Our desire is to be intentional in celebrating the differences that our Creator carefully knit together to form the family we call NCCS.

Unity + Diversity Focus Areas

Four categories of focus for unity + diversity initiatives at NCCS: 

  1. Teaching + Learning | Classrooms + curriculum, academics, field trips, and learning experiences. 
  2. Student Experience | Arts, Athletics, Student Life, clubs, retreats, events, Spring Term, Advisory Groups, etc.  
  3. Employee Experience | Recruiting + hiring, staff development, leadership, in-service opportunities, etc. 
  4. Parent Experience + Engagement | Parent events, PTF, seminars, career day, parent volunteers, etc.
NCCS Preschool hug

Unity + Diversity Initiatives

Student points at a map on the wall with a big smile.
North Cobb Christian School student points at globe.

Teaching + Learning Integration

We engage in a 'think session' with students about how we might use technology to eradicate discrimination both on personal levels within our own spheres of influence and in the world, as a whole.
Jim Bitner, Upper School Computer Science Instructor

The wooden cross in the Prayer Garden at sunrise.